Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have an on-site contact for my event at the District?

Yes, your room rental fee covers an on-site Event Coordinator to assist in catering, bar, and room set-up details. They will also be present at your event to ensure all of those elements run smoothly.

How much space does the District Venue have?

The District is an open, 5,000 square-foot facility.

Can I host my ceremony at the District Venue?

Definitely! Our space can accommodate up to 220 guests comfortably.

Are there any restrictions on outside vendors?

The District Venue has an open vendor policy. With exception of appetizers, your main meal, and beverages, you may bring in any outside vendor you wish - from florists to photographers. We encourage out-of-house cake and dessert vendors for your personal wedding cake and custom desserts. 

What’s all included in my rental fee?

- Time Block from 10am to 2am (16hr block) on your wedding day

- 5,000 square feet of open space

- Room Set-Up

- Event Coordinator

- Wifi

- Elevator & Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

- Tables

- Chiavari Chairs

- Your choice of black or white tablecloths & matching linen napkins

- Chinaware

- Flatware

- Glassware

- Full-Service Bar

- Mixed cash and hosted options

- Security/Dram Insurance

- Bartenders

- In-House Catering Service

- Tastings

- Waitstaff

- Any Type of Food Service (Buffet, Family Style, or Plated)

- Room Clean-Up & Teardown

- Open Vendor Policy (with the exception of catering and alcohol)

- Reception capacity up to 350 guests

- Local Reception Hall in Des Moines with numerous hotels just 10 minutes away

Does your in-house catering offer different food service style options?

Regardless of the food service style you choose, there is no extra charge with our in-house catering. Food service options include buffet, plated, or family style. Your Event Coordinator will assist you in determining the style that suites your event best.

How long will I have access to the venue on my event date?

We want to make sure that you and your vendors have plenty of time to set-up and that you and your guests can fully relax and enjoy your special day. The District Venue is open to you from 10am to 2am on your event day. There are no time restrictions or extra time packages that you have to worry about purchasing. Our in-house bar will also serve you and your guests until 2am, unless a sooner stopping point is pre-determined with your Event Coordinator.

How does the bar work?

We know how hard it can be to foresee how much your guests will drink. That’s why we have created a unique hosted bar process at the District Venue.This process ensures that you will only pay for what you and your guests consume. If you would like a hosted bar, you can pick and choose specific items or types of alcohol to host. For example, you could choose to host only well liquors and domestic beers. Then you would set a price point. For example, you could set it at $2,000 before tax and gratuity. When the hosted bar tab limit is almost reached, one of our staff would check-in with whomever was in charge of the bar tab for the night to determine whether or not they would like to extend the hosted bar tab past $2,000 or cut it off. If you choose to cut it off, it automatically becomes a full cash bar afterwards. Since our bar is full-service, your guests will always be able to purchase items that aren't on the hosted tab at any time. In the example of only hosting well liquors and domestic beers, your guests could still purchase Titos (not a well liquor) or a Des Moines IPA (craft beer) if they wished. Your guest would pay in cash or card, and it wouldn't be added to the hosted bar tab.

Does the District Venue require a security deposit?

For weddings and larger non-wedding events, the District Venue requires approximately 50% of your room rental fee, depending on the day of the week that your event takes place, in order to reserve your date with us. The remainder of your room rental fee is due six months prior to your event date. 

Do I have access to various centerpieces and linen styles?

The District is excited to bring you numerous linen styles and colors, a variety of centerpiece options, additional lighting, and even backdrops. When you book with us, you’ll have access to renting as many additional decorative items as you would like. For a small charge, set-up of additional rented items can also be organized.

Will I have to set-up everything before my event as well as clean-up afterwards?

The District Venue will clean beforehand as well as after your event. Our staff will set-up everything of ours - tables, chairs, basic linens, place settings, cocktail tables, dessert stations, a buffet line, etc. You will be responsible for setting up and taking down anything that is brought in by you, and your vendors will be responsible for setting up and taking down anything that is brought in by them. If your wedding or large event is on a Saturday, we often allow you and your vendors to pick up rented items and decorations the following day, Sunday, to make any post-event cleanup easier for you.

Feel free to contact us with any more questions or if you would like to schedule a tour!

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